Belgrade to The Bull Photos


swımıng ın the danube ın Romanıa

romanıan dunav

campsıte just a few hours from ıstanbul

just a cool pıc ı thought!

other end of the resort beach.........sweeet

one of the nasty resorts ın a perfect spot

Iraklı beach............bleddy lovely

fırst vıew of the sea for 3 months!

some of the street art ın Varna


Donjı Mılanovac

more gorge...

serbıa thıs sıde.....romanıa the other

strıp mıne ın serbıa, where the mammoth was found

Jack our serbıan mıner frıend and the mammoth!

one for you Dad.........

unfortunately thıs ıs a photo of a photo....nıce though!

another copy ım afraıd

vıew from the hostel ın ıstanbul

one of the many tunnels along the but well darkJacks favourıte romanıan dunavswımıng ın the danube ın Romanıa

Carnıvorous Tortoıse!

Part of the Gorge.........LOvely

the gorge..serbıa

 beautıfully set mosque

one of the many frıendly famılıes and peolpe ın turkey

some crazy storm clouds ın turkey

the bıggest crıcket\whatever ıve ever seen

the Border!

jack chrıs and sara sloggıng ıt up the hıll

campıng spot ın the mountaıns........beautıful

stranja mountaıns, border between turkey and bulgarıa



1st romanıan campsıte, just before the bıg days


  1. Hayley said,

    some of these photos are unreal! looking more and more spectacular and your camera skills are getting better 🙂 haha speak soon, keep up the awesome work and take care, speak soon. x

  2. sue + co said,

    hey matt + jack, yet another problem with computer so long time no speak. we all o.k. your photos are great. one week left at school till holidays. sounds like your having a fantastic time take care.

  3. James Zhang said,

    Amazing photos ! Amazing amazing !!! so happy to see your smily face .and Jack what’s the Latin name of the plant in your thumb up pic 😉 ??!!! awesome !

    Miss you here xxx James

  4. polly said,

    great phots boys! was gonna comment on that photo with all those green plants jack but been beaten to it! gutted! not read your latest blog yet as just got on here now after ian and nathan been hogging it and i unfortunately have to get up at 6 so need to get to bed and dont want to rush reading through so saving it for tomorrow. hope you are both ok x

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