Escaping India…Thialand

hi all…

so to catch up…. me and Or arrived to Dharmasla and spent 2 weeks there walking around the mountains and hanging out around the monks and narrowly missed His holiness the Dali Lama, when he returned for the Buddha’s birthday.

from there we went back to Delhi to spend one night before Or took her flight home. obviously not very a good time for either of us but i am very appreciative for meeting a spending time with such a wonderful person.

after a very sad goodbye i left the airport and was on my own for the first time in 15 months. i was really apprehensive  about how i would cope without Or to stop me from killing Indians and my cycling partner when i eventually got back on the bike.

from dehli i took a 40hr train to Calcutta thankfully not on the same line as the derailment which happened the previous day. it was hot and crowded but i managed to retain my sanity long enough to arrive in Calcutta. i spent 3 day there waiting for my flight out, which couldnt come soon enough.

thankfully i did leave India on a nice note, my baggage was 20kg over weight and the nice man at the air line took off 5 kg and let me take on another bag as hand luggage so i only had to pay for 5kg extra. i know, having 40kg of stuff is ridiculous, and thats after chucking away alot of stuff, im realising im a horder…soon ill get rid of the bike and be one of those people that you see with everything they own in a shopping trolly…i know thats the next step.

i landed in Bangkok after 2hours of luxury, a film a meal and 3 free drinks, not so sure why im cycling anymore this flying business isnt too bad.

the bike seemed to look ok but instead of reasembling it there i got a taxi into the city. my first night i walked around the tourist centre of Bangkok and hatted it, the most gringos id been around in a long time and all the horrible things tht gringos bring with them…alcohol, prostitution ect.

the next day i woke up feeling rotten. so i spent most of the day in bed only venturing as far as the internet, where i sat a shivered in the AC. i stuck it out for 3 days expecting to get better, but i didnt so i went to the Mission Hospital in Bangkok. if your feeling ill get travel insurance and go there, its awesome, my own room a tv, 3 good meals a day and a massage in the evening…i recomend it highly and all payed for by my insurance.

i was discharged after 5 days once my fever went back to normal. i feel a little bit silly going to hospital when i just had influence type B, but i did feel terrible and i had a fever of over 40 so i think it was kind of justified plus it was free so why not?

having freedom was great, finally out of bed and walking around, no drip to hold me back. i spent another couple of days getting my strength back before i realised i was running out of time on my visa and had to get a move on. i left Bangkok that night on a night train which took me 500km south. the train was amazing, clean sheets a pillow and a curtain, i was glad to be out of india when i got onto that train, India has traumatized me, i expect every non western country to be like it an actually there not all that bad some are actually really nice.

i got to my stop in the very early morning, and while i was waiting for it to get light and to find some inspiration as to where i was going to go, i sat and drank coffee and played my new guitar (i bought it as a treat after hospital and as my new companion, plus i have so much time i figured i should learn a new skill). i decided to leave and find a beach to camp on which i assumed wouldnt be too hard. it took me 3 hours of cycling in the wrong direction to find an appropriated piece of sand, i have lots of criteria for the perfect beach camping spot: good swimming potential, enough beach not to get wet at high tide, and a bit of cover so im not too obivous. i found just that and swam and enjoyed my first night camping alone.

the next day i had to back track the way i came which i was kicking myself about but i was just thirsty for a beach that first day so i didnt mind too much. cycling here is great the roads are amazing as a english guy i met today said not a single pot hole in 200km and a big hard shoulder for 2 wheelers. the only problem are the maps and the language. my map has 2 roads on it, the 2 main highways, everything else is hit and miss and pronunciation is key here, so unless you get it tone perfect you might as well be asking for the moon.

i had another great beach all to myself after a long day, washed and swam in the evening and morning and ive never smelt better.

the next day i found a road which hugged the coast, and come evening time i found a great beach. the only issue i have is the flies, during the day and afternoon its sand flies, and then theres a period of about 30 seconds of respite when they go to bed and the mosquitoes come out. there not so bad though, hungary was much, much worse.

the next day i decided to cross over to the west coast so i could go to Burma and get another visa for Thailand. i could have done this straight after getting off the train and saved myself 4 days of cycling but for reasons im not sure of i didnt, i think i just had beach on the brain. it ment crossing the inland hills and from the moment i got onto the bike its rained and didnt stop until the next afternoon. i endured 5 hours and i was piss wet through, but i was still kind of warm, so i wasnt to down. thank god for Ortliebs (for non tourers they are my panniers, life time guarantee of water proofness). i decided to treat my self to a guest house, i figured i couldnt really camp in the down pour.

after a night in a comfy bed i was ready for the 25km to the town where i cross to Burma, and it was still raining. on route i found a tesco lotus, i hate tesco but i love them too, so i couldnt resist having a wonder a stocking up on supplies and having a break from the rain.

today i went to Burma for about 10 minutes got my new Thia visa, 15 days, and tomorrow i leave. hopefully i will be blessed with more deserted beaches and less rain

take care everyone

love jack

p.s. unfortunantly no pictures because my camer (well actually Mile’s camera which was on long term loan) was stolen or i lost it, the later i think. i think it was when i went to hospital. Tim and matt are working on a replacement for me so hopfully pictures soon


  1. Tim said,

    Glad to hear your back on the bike, wear your helmet and eat more.

  2. han said,

    Bet you are glad you listened to mums words of wisdom about the travel insurance, imagine if you hadnt renewed it!!!
    Glad you are feeling better and back on your bike but must be strange to be on your own and so far away from home, or maybe not! As you know we all miss you loads and charlie really does need someone to play on the beach with, there are only so many bloody sand castles i can make!!
    Hope you find some nice beaches and some more interesting people to keep you entertained, be careful and we will hopefully see you soonish!!!
    Lots of love from the 3 of us, as always, XxX

  3. Mum and Marg said,

    So your treatment in hospital was free? I seem to remember someone on and on at you to renew your travel insurance (which at the time you didn’t think would be necessary) and then that someone paying it for you! What a good job you had it! Never underestimate influenza it can be a very serious illness and you were very poorly.
    We all miss you very much so stay safe, be careful and keep this blog up
    love mum and marg xx

  4. polly said,

    well jack i bet your glad that mum renewed your travel insurance for you hahaha i had to say it to, think there is a theme!!!!!!
    anyway, we are so glad you are better. must of been horrible being by yourself and feeling so bad. although i expect the nurses and the massages made you feel much better. bet you will head to thailand every time you sneeze from now on!!!
    we all really missed you when we were down, hope you are there next time to see the kids.
    anyway mate take care of yourself and have fun
    lots of love polly

  5. sara garicano gabas said,

    Hola melon!!
    Me alegra saber que lo del hospital no fue nada..
    Guitarra, playas desiertas,,,suena muy muy bien…
    Mil besos y cuidate mucho

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