porth island photo shoot

porth island photo shoot

Our names are jack bailey and matt green and after graduating university this year we both decided the time was right to leave home and broaden our experiences by following the rising sun and cycling east.

Our route will take us through Europe and through central Asia to reach our preliminary goal of china. We estimate this adventure will take us a year, we will cross two continents and pass through 16 countries.

We are using this adventure as an opportunity to raise money for shelterbox. A charity based in our home county, Cornwall UK, which provide emergency aid for victims of natural disasters around the world. Shelterbox provide a unique solution to emergency aid by providing a box containing all essential equipment for a family of 10 people to survive for up to 6 months.

To donate go to: http://www.justgiving.com/ambitionsoftheorient

us on the island


  1. Peter Green said,


  2. Jeremy & Mary Walsh said,

    It was good to meet you and we’re glad you passed a peaceful night in our meadow. We wish you the best of luck for your trip.

  3. Ang & Jim said,

    See photo page

  4. James Zhang said,

    Just thought the trip might provide enough training for you two to get into the 2012 Olympics ­čÖé wish you good weather happy trip and lots of fun ! lots of love !

  5. James Zhang said,

    Wish you good weather all the way !!

  6. Honourable readers!
    We encountered (22nd of march) these two adventurers in the dunes of Holland. We had just stopped at a hut we had built in the seventies. Remnants were still there. Surpisingly enduring traces of our youth. We invited them to stay in this special area of dunes between The Hague and Amsterdam.
    When we asked them where they were headed; Umm, Amsterdam, Purmerend, Istanbul and…. yes China!
    We wish them all the happyness and adventure and a lot of hospitality all along. If they are on any trip near Croatia, they should come and visit us at our royal heap of grass and ruins to be restored soon. Or in Holland.
    Greetings Peter Scheltus and Richard van Drie, Holland.

  7. anita&simon york said,

    wow! what a fantastic thing to do. Hope you enjoy every minute and gather wonderful memories to last a lifetime. Good luck with the fund raising. keep safe . all the best the yorks x

  8. colette & tony Holland said,

    Wishing you a safe journey, with good weather. watching your progress. Have a fab time. xx

  9. George said,

    Wow! How inspirational you both are. It leaves me with a good funny feeling in my tummy.
    Good luck boys.

  10. Beaves said,

    Classic. Last I heard from you Bailey you said you were going to just cycle East and see how far you got. China!! I should’ve known.
    I thought maybe you’d go as far as eastern Europe!
    Love it. Jealous. But love it.

    Wish you both the best of health.


  11. Lindsay Black said,

    A pleasure meeting you both in Vienna! It is very cool what you’re doing, I look forward to followin your adventures. If you should ever end up in the states….in Oregon…in Portland, I think I owe you a drink. Best of luck to you both.


  12. robert green and sheila whittle said,

    good to hear that you are doing ok!
    at least you are aiming to get out of europe your dads doing Scotland to England !

    Hope it is going well and your old legs are holding up as your not that young any more !

  13. Han said,

    come on guys, we know you are having an amazing time but we need to hear and see more!!! miss you loads XxX

  14. Bet├╝l Kayl─▒ said,

    hi! this is Bet├╝l from ─░stanbul. i met with jack, matt and sara two days ago. the thing they are doing is amazing. it’s a pleasure to meet them and listen their story. i would like to travel like them. but i’m not jack or matt and i think everyone cant be like them. i’m very glad to be a little part of this adventure. i will be watching and listening their story until the end. i hope they take a magnificent trip and always see good people around them.

  15. Milja Vukovic said,

    Dear Jack and Matt, I hope you are doing well, that the weather is good, that your health is all right and that your spirit is high.
    It is only now that I come to check out your blog and from now I ll be visiting it regularly to see how you’re doing.
    Take care, be brave and have good thoughts
    Milja from Belgrade

  16. […] to survive for up to 6 months in areas that have been hit by natural or other disasters. You can read about their cycling adventure on their […]

  17. Paul Reynolds said,

    Well done Matt and friend, there is nothing I can add that hasn’t allready been said but well done to the pair of you and I hope your cycle seats allways stay comfortable

  18. Jean and Stewart Lenton said,

    Hi Guys,
    Chatting to Jack’s mum last night about you two and how you were getting on.
    Sounds like you’re having a great time – wow what a trek!
    Keep those legs cycling and keep us all in touch

    Best wishes,
    Jean and Stewart

  19. Iain & Hilary Gosling said,

    Great to hear how well you are doing. Hats off to you boys, it’s the trip of a lifetime. Hope all continues successfully…….. Will keep watch on your progress. Very best wishes, Iain (Gonzo..) & Hilary, Burghead.

  20. Karlene said,

    Backgammon! Hey…Good Luck Matt and Jack! (Hi Jack, met Matt in Istanbul) Hope you both have a great adventure! Come to Bristol when you are back so we can hear your stories! All the best Karlene xxxx

  21. vivien burns said,

    hi matt and jack hope you are coping with the change in the weather god bless see you sometime aunty vivien

  22. Barb said,

    Happy Birthday, Jack. Donated your present to your fundraising. Soph’s son Oliver doing really well. She sends love.
    Take care, Barb. xxxxx

  23. aysel said,

    heeeey its great,i hope i could help u but its a pity( that u re going today id like to celebrate ur birthday here

  24. aysel said,

    and i hope ull not forget that u have a friend in AZERBAIJAN;)jack ill miss u

  25. Patty & Pete said,

    Hi Jack!
    Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy your day in some remote & exotic location. Have a good one! Good to hear about all your travels from M&M. Keep safe, keep well & above all keep cycling.
    Much love, Patty & Pete x

  26. hannah reynolds said,

    hope your going well cuzzy all our love from newzealand! xxxooooo

  27. Mabon said,

    Hi both

    So, did you get your Chinese visas in Tashkent? My mum turned up on time after all, so didn’t get a chance to catch up with you then. I’m in Kyrgystan, planning to cross over to Kashgar on Thursday, so let me know if you’re in the area.

    Hope all is well


  28. aunty vivien said,

    hi mathew hope all is well

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