The Test Run 13th March

And So It Begins

And So It Begins

Hey there all! Matt here, we have arrived at Tims house  in Caterham after a week of cycling through some really amazingly pretty areas of the countryside, all the while doing our utmost to make sure we stay well clear of the A roads, as these are horrible, both in terms of fumes, and sheer volume of traffic. Smaller roads mean you actually get a chance to look at the places your cycling through! With a little help from some lovely people along the way, for places to camp as well as directions when we inevitably got lost, we have enjoyed it all, and even the pains seem to be a good taster of whats to come!

5 Miles, picking up the part timers!

5 Miles, picking up the part timers!

The weather was typically cornish grey drizzle for the first day, which I found incredibly hard, as i was cramping afetr just 35 miles! However, thanks to a B&B paid for by the Green family (Ta!) we had a good breakfast and set off for our second days cycling in high spirits, and after a good days cycle over Dartmoor, we set up in a dodgy and very precarious patch of woodland (Had to move our tents to make sure we didnt get a tree falling on our heads in the night!). That evening was followed by a fantastic meal at The Nobody Inn, courtesy of Jacks Aunty Jill, which was extremely nice of her (Thanks Very Much!).

Turning into a lovely day after the drizzle of Cornwall and Dartmoor

Turning into a lovely day after the drizzle of Cornwall and Dartmoor

From then on we had a variety of (better) camping spots with (and without) the owners permission, and as the days went by, it seemed already to be hard to keep track of how long we had been going. Towards the End of the week, Jack was starting to suffer from knee pains, as yet the cause hasnt been identified, although everything possible is being tried! I too was starting to get a pain in one of my knees, which I put down to the lack of a tailwind meaning I had to pick up my cadence (cycling rate).

Our usual Camp setup

Our usual Camp setup

Clouds started to break about 1/2 hr earlier.......fantastic view

Clouds started to break about 1/2 hr earlier.......fantastic view

Eventually, after reaching what we (or rather I) thought was Caterham`s junction to the M25, we found we had another 12 miles to go, resulting in us getting into Caterham starving and tired, having covered 53 miles in 4 hours! This was followed by a wolfing down of a plate of chip butties at a local greasy Cafe, and a mug of hot chocolate made in Tims back garden.

Goal Number 1 Achieved...Tims back door.

Goal Number 1 Achieved...Tims back door.

We are currently resting up, cleaning the bikes, and doing this sort of malarkey, as well as eating alot… and are looking forward to a few days of general relaxation!

Thanks again to everyone who`s helped us along the way, Special thanks to my Dad, Peter Green for everything he`s done to help us get prepared, and all his Technical Advice, Cheers!

Matt and Jack


  1. Jeremy Best said,

    Looking good so far! The knee problem could be the height of saddle to peddle position – vary it a bit and on the push down with your leg your knee should “lock”( if you get my gist) If you think about it ,when you run, your leg always stretches right out and I assume it should be the same when you cycle….
    Great start! We will follow your journey with a lot of interest ( and a bit of jealousy!)
    Jeremy and Claudia

  2. Peter Green said,

    exhausting start I know but your on your way now and you know youll cope. keep eating at every opportunity, smile at people and head for the sun!
    Take lots of care and keep up the good wok for SHELTERBOX
    love Mum and Dad xxx

    • kelsey poole said,

      Hi matt and jack,
      my dad said you two will be a good team and that he knows you’ll make it all the way.I am writing this message at school so it might not be as long as it would have been if i was at home.
      So, good luck and hopefully i’ll see you when you get home.

      love kelsey Poole

  3. kelsey poole said,

    Hi Matt and Jack hope your doin good and havin a laugh.I know you’ll
    make it and hopefully i’ll see you when you get back.I’ll keep checking your web page, keep going.

    luv kelsey xxx

  4. sue poole said,

    hi matt (your fav auntie here) and jack,hows it going? you both look happy in the photos.kelsey thrilled to see her dad(lance) in the second photo. we all know you can do this, look after each other o.k. have a most excellent adventure.will be checking your website.bye for now.

  5. Christine Best said,

    You two are such stars! I think its awesomely ace, especially for shelterbox. I hope my brother is looking after you well and you are packing in the carbs! Best of luck to you both and remember all of Cornwall is behind you!!! xx

  6. kelsey poole said,

    Hi mathew and jack,

    i hope your doing well and had some good rest.
    just remember to head for the hurisun

    luv kelsey

  7. mum and marg said,

    delighted you have made it so far
    keep it up
    we miss you
    love mum marg and tar

  8. priscilla said,

    hii there, did you make it to arhnem in 1 day? we will keep checking your website! x from holland!

  9. kelsey poole said,

    Hi matt and jack,

    i have been waitin ages for you to update your pictures
    you look like your having some good times.
    And you’ve already got so far it seems like i will be seeing you back in Cornwall sooner than i thought.

    kelsey xxx

  10. AUNTY VIVIEN said,


  11. AUNTY VIVIEN said,


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